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Heavy Jet
Passenger Capacity - 12
Range - 4600 Miles
Cruising Speed - 528 MPH
Baggage Capacity - 115 Cubic feet
Cabin Dimensions -
    Height -    6'1"
    Width -     8'2"
    Length - 28'3"
Cabin Amenities -
    Domestic and International WIFI
    Private Lavatory
    Full Galley
Description -
    An impressive intercontinental business jet with outstanding features, this aircraft provides the widest cabin in
     its category, enhancing personal productivity and performance. Fly coast-to-coast or internationally nonstop.     When business matters, it answers with state-of-the-art audio/video system and avionics with a 12-passenger     conference group configuration. The preferred option of flyers seeking comfort, value and performance in a     larger-capacity jet.