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Light Jet - 7 passenger
With its lightning-fast speed (one of the fastest jets in its category) and expansive cabin space, it can transport our clients to short and mid-range destinations in rapid style. 

This light jet can accommodate up to seven passengers and is equipped with safety features and inspections that exceed FAA regulations. The aircraft boasts an abundance of amenities, including free, in-flight Wi-Fi. 

Whether you’re making that big meeting or soaring to the slopes, this aircraft can get you there in effortless comfort and style. 

Seats: (Crew+Passengers) 2+7
Cargo Capacity: 26.40 Cubic Feet
Range: 1,687 nm (1,941 miles)
Cruise Speed: 450 kt (518 mph)
Average Manufacturing Date: 2009
Interior Height - 4' 4"
Interior Width - 4' 9"
Interior Length -  12' 9"